A Prayer To The One Who Is Forever Faithful

Eternal Father, everything we see or touch with our hands has a shelf life and eventually wears out or is destroyed. Our family members and the people we hold dear to our hearts in time also depart from our lives. But when we contemplate thoughts of eternity we are filled with inexhaustible praise as we consider that You, O Lord, reign forever. Of your kingdom there will be no end. We’ll gather with our dear brothers and sisters from all over the world, from every tribe, tongue and nation to exalt the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. There will no longer be the separation due to distance, combat, culture, or language but we will be one mighty chorus singing heavenly praises to our faithful Father whose divine kingdom has no end. At that appointed hour, upon seeing You face to face, we will declare together with all the saints and heavenly hosts, “Forever You are faithful!” In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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