A Prayer For Spiritual Peace

Father, we regularly come to You asking for peace regarding situations that we don’t understand or have no personal ability to change. Way too often troubling circumstances capture our emotions and rob us of the peace promised to those who place their trust in You. Help us not to be tossed about by the changing circumstances of our lives, but to be steadfast as we discipline our mind to be fixed upon You. Only then will we know true life sustaining peace while sojourning here below. Amen.

A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Watchful Care

Father, Your watchful eye brings great assurance to my heart as You lead me in the way of the righteous day by day. You watch over me in my time of recreation and in the midst of my struggles and losses. In times of temptation Your watchful eye and words of Scripture prevent me from yielding to sin. I invite You to protect me from those who seek to do evil as You watch over me day and night. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

A Prayer For Persevering Love

Lord Jesus, hear our earnest prayer this day. May You, the supreme example of persevering love, help us to daily nurture persevering love in our human relationships. May we be loyal to our partners, always looking to their interests above our own. May Your grace help us to live above the fall-out that comes from inevitable trials. Enable us to overcome daily temptations as we rely on You. As we genuinely seek You we are confident that You will grant understanding, forbearance, and a persevering love that will last a lifetime until You call us to our eternal home where we will be richly and eternally rewarded.

A Prayer For Spiritual Warriors

Father, we march as soldiers in the army of the Lord. We thank you for the many spiritual warriors who have taken on added responsibility and assumed difficult duties leading us to victory in this war against sin and strife. Bless our leaders who have poured themselves into our lives and set for us an example to follow; in their conversation, their lifestyle, their faith, their doctrine and in their purity. We honor and bless the previous generation who passed onto us the Living Water and Bread of Life. We now extend the same message to our generation and the next, for with our mouths we will make known Your faithfulness to all generations. Amen.